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The secret to producing the finest tasting, all natural beef begins with high quality, superior Angus genetics. Couple this with nutrient-rich forage found on some of the most beautiful islands in the world, expert animal husbandry backed by over 175 years of ranching experience, heritage and innovation, it all adds up to a dining experience that you can enjoy with confidence.

Parker Ranch – More than a Ranch, A Legacy.

Paniolo Cattle Company is Parker Ranch’s local grass-fed beef program, which launched statewide in 2013-2014. “Paniolo” harkens back to an era where King Kamehameha III brought over Mexican Vaquero to share their knowledge of riding and roping.

Since then, the Ranch has welcomed paniolo from diverse ethnic backgrounds. We are proud of our paniolo heritage and celebrate the various cultural origins of ranching from around the world, which helped to form the roots of many communities like ours in Waimea. In our unique, 175-year history, through many changes and several governments, we have not only survived, but continue to thrive and contribute to our community’s health, education and success.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our television media strategy to promote Paniolo Cattle Company, available to consumers across the Islands at these locations. We hope you enjoy the two TV spots we produced, as well as the beef! The images portray the emerald green hills and pastures surrounding Waimea where our cattle are raised and our paniolo continue to steward the land. Mahalo to Deedee Keakealani Bertlemann and Shane Hoopai for their input in creating these TV spots.

Parker Ranch’s Paniolo Cattle Company Beef Will No Longer Be Available at Hawaiʻi Safeway Stores

Waimea, HI – Beginning this July Paniolo Cattle Company beef will no longer be available at Safeway stores throughout the state of Hawaiʻi. Paniolo Cattle Company Beef, a beloved local brand, has made significant contributions to Hawaiʻi’s beef industry, revolutionizing the market and approach to sustainability, in several ways. Locally raised Parker Ranch beef will still be available at KTA Superstores, the four Commissary locations, Tamura’s Super Market, Waimea Butcher Shop, and various other retailers throughout Hawaiʻi.

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Paniolo Cattle Co. proves viability of large-scale, pasture-raised Hawai’i beef for local market

HONOLULU, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After an eight-year collaboration, Parker Ranch and Ulupono Initiative jointly announced that Parker Ranch, Inc. has acquired the equity interest in Paniolo Cattle Company, LLC held by Ulupono Holdings, LLC. The move comes in recognition of the joint-venture’s success in demonstrating that a pasture-raised beef operation can work at large scale in Hawai’i.

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