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About Paniolo Cattle Company
In 2014, Ulupono Initiative partnered with Parker Ranch to create the Paniolo Cattle Company, a joint venture aimed at statewide local beef production. The pasture-to-plate enterprise taps into a growing demand for high-quality, affordable, locally raised beef.

Paniolo Cattle Company is an equal partnership of capital and capabilities based on shared values, mutual respect and a commitment to the future of ranching in Hawaii. Parker Ranch provides calves and cattle management expertise, and PANIOLO for the joint venture and Ulupono Initiative contributes the intellectual capital to develop best practices for profitability and sustainable agricultural methods. Both entities have financial interest and handle the commercial aspects of the business.

“This joint venture is about trying to level the cost of beef, creating an at-home thriving cattle industry that is energy-efficient and protects us against volatility in fuel and feed costs. Restaurants, food markets and consumers want quality and consistency in beef, at reasonable prices.” – Dutch Kuyper, CEO of Parker Ranch

About Parker Ranch
Parker Ranch is one of the largest and oldest cattle ranches in the United States. Parker Ranch is beneficially owned by Parker Ranch Foundation Trust with four non-profits as beneficiaries including North Hawai‘i Community Hospital, Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy, Parker School and Hawai‘i Community Foundation. To learn more, please visit

About Ulupono Initiative
Ulupono Initiative is a Hawai‘i-focused impact investing firm that uses for-profit and non-profit investments to improve the quality of life for island residents in three areas – locally produced food; clean, renewable energy; and waste reduction. To learn more, please visit

For more information email us at: or call 808.885.7311.

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