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Paniolo Cattle Company animals are born and raised on the islands of Hawaii and hand selected from historic ranch herds. Enjoying the ideal weather, our cattle experience a comfortable Hawaiian lifestyle.

They roam fertile lands of the Hawaiian Islands and graze on a wholesome diet of nutrient rich grass (Kikuyu and Pangola) found in pastures that are expertly managed by Paniolo who ensure that our cattle are always eating the best.

We utilize rotational grazing methods to promote soil regeneration, and tend to our cattle on a regular basis to guarantee they are healthy and cared for. Our Paniolo continuously evaluate our cattle for genetic development, selection and breeding to ensure superior quality.

Paniolo Cattle company animals are finished on a mixture of grass and high energy forage to maximize weight gains and provide a superior and consistent product for the market year round. In our view, our pasture-based system is better for the environment, animals, and humans alike.

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